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Bransfer allows your users to connect their exchange accounts to your app

Here's the thing
Accepting crypto payments has multiple benefits
Bitcoin is a tool that enables financial freedom.
Accepted Worldwide
Attract New Customers
Better Security and Privacy
No Payment Disputes or Chargebacks
The current options are limited
A small crypto payment costs ridiculous amount of time and money.
High Fees
Long waiting time
Horrible UX
High minimums

So we fixed it

Bransfer makes Bitcoin spendable.
We offer you crypto payments that just work.
Easy checkout
No need to manually enter addresses or amounts
No transaction fees
Save your customers on average $16 in fees, for each payment
Instant Confirmation
Payments are confirmed instantly, which brings better visibility
Turn your crypto exchange account into a bank
1. Connect your exchange accounts
Connect one or more exchange accounts where you want to accept payments.
2. Integrate with your website
Integrate with your website through on of our pre-made plugins for major e-commerce providers, our use our API.
3. Customer authorizes payment
We connect your customer to their exchange and they authorize the payment.
4. Payment completed
Once payment is made, you both receive an instant confirmation.

Why Bransfer?

Easy set up

Just Register and connect your exchange accounts

QR payments

Accept payments in person with QR codes

Web payments

Accept payments in your website

Why Bransfer?

  • No fees

    Honestly, no fees. No gas fee, no transaction fee. It's just no fees. Period.

  • Instant

    Can't expand on this really. It literally takes a few seconds.

  • Easy

    Pay with just a few clicks. Don't go through multiple apps, copy-pasting addresses or adjusting fees.

  • Secure

    We never store your money. Your funds are secured with your favorite exchange!

  • Global coverage

    Accept bitcoin at any point of the globe - in your website or in-person. We've got you covered.

  • Fiat conversion

    Instant fiat conversion by your choice, or you can keep Bitcoin.

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